Stanton Family Home Site - Virginia

An Archaeological Survey of the Stanton Family Home Site was accomplished through the volunteer services of the Venable Lane Archaeological Field Seminar from the University of Virginia, under the directorship of Ms. M. Drake Patten. The main purpose of this survey was to establish whether future archaeological work at the 19th century African American homesite would be viable and /or productive. The Stanton Family homesite has tremendous promise not just because of the existing knowledge of the families rich personal history and its connection to the local agricultural and industrial communities, but because it would be an important addition to the paucity of information available regarding rural “free black life” in 19th century Virginia. In general, few such sites have been catalogued or excavated in the South. Based on the results of this survey, the Foundation was encouraged to undertake further study with the proviso that seek a long-term research commitment from an archaeologist or other researcher who can coordinate the project and insure its completion. AAHPF seeks interested anthropology and archaeology students to continue this project.